Making The Right Choice For You

From a standard will to a specific trust, deciding what you need is an intricate process that requires a great deal of thought and consideration. A careful and compassionate DeLand and Volusia County attorney can help you navigate the uncertainty, giving you a clear understanding of how the decisions will affect your family.


Having an experienced estate planning lawyer walk you through the process of creating a will is invaluable. You'll feel confident that these critical documents can withstand all legal requirements in addition to covering elements you may not have known on your own, all of which help to avoid probate.

Florida has very specific requirements regarding issues such as homestead and disinheritance, and Akin Law P.A. will make sure you are aware of these laws. I will customize your will to reflect your wishes and the dynamics of your family. You can walk out with the peace of mind that you are prepared. More importantly, your loved ones will have someone they can trust and turn to with questions or concerns when you're no longer around.


From irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) to pet trusts, there are numerous choices to consider when selecting what works best for your needs. Examples of the trusts available include:

  • Revocable trust: You are able to use the funds while you are alive, but your beneficiary will be able to avoid a lengthy probate process.
  • Elective share trust: Meets Florida's elective share requirements for the spouse while also allowing you to determine what happens to the elective assets when the surviving spouse dies.

A trust can also help you with Florida's convoluted homestead laws, ensuring your home doesn't become part of a complicated probate process.

Health Care Documents

Planning ahead also includes making medical decisions. Some of the ways I can help include:

  • Living will: You can decide if you want to prolong your life even if medical science can't make you better. It also eases the burden on your family from making those decisions for you.
  • Health Care Surrogacy: It's important to consider who you can trust to make the decisions you would want. This requires a great deal of introspection.

When You Are Ready To Plan Ahead

At Akin Law P.A., I offer a service that includes a will, health care surrogate, durable power of attorney, and a preneed guardian designation for a flat fee. You can also add a trust if our discussion indicates a trust would be beneficial. You are free to make changes whenever you want, and you'll leave understanding exactly what you've signed.

Call me at 386-490-9233 or email me to set up an initial free consultation regarding your wills and trusts.