Legal Guidance From Attorneys Who Care

Getting The Business Law Guidance You Need To Be In Compliance And Successful

Running a business requires many skills and information regarding state and federal tax law, intellectual property, employment law and financing, to name a few.

Dain Akin at Akin Law P.A. offers decades of experience and proven business law acumen. He can explain what legal concerns pertain to your situation, the options you have and the best way to move forward.

Successful Resolution Of Issues

When running a business, you can try your best to dot every i and cross every t, but issues may still arise. Good planning and wise choices often result in avoiding business issues in the first place. But even in the best situations, the unexpected or the complex may arise.

You may face circumstances in which advice from someone experienced in Florida business law can prevent you from making the wrong decisions and ensure you are legally covered.

Having a business law attorney on call gives you someone to confer with when you face difficult questions or need a contract reviewed or assistance handling important documents. Working with an established legal professional can help protect your finances and assets. A business law attorney helps the administrative side of your business run smoothly so you have more time to devote to your daily operations and to your customers.

Get The Help You Need When You Need It

Why wait until the last minute or a crisis to get legal guidance? Firm partner Dain Akin has decades of experience assisting business owners and can help with a broad range of matters including:

  • Starting a business
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Partner disputes
  • Contract creation, review and disputes
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Buying, selling and leasing real property 

Businesses run on agreements, but the legal language and ramifications are not always clear to non-lawyers. Protect your business by working with an attorney who has successfully handled myriad legal issues. Get the personal, responsive assistance you need.

Work With An Attorney On Tax Law Issues

When it comes to state and federal taxes it is better to be safe than sorry. Firm partner Dain Akin has substantial experience with compliance and can consult with you regarding audits and working with the IRS, estate and gift taxes, corporate taxes, and Florida Department of Revenue issues. If you are going through an audit, feel that an audit is likely or just want to be sure you are filing all of the correct documents, speak with Dain Akin.

Find Out More In A Consultation

You may just be starting out and want to know about finding the best foundation for building your business. You may be years into ownership and want to make a change. Or, you may be facing a possible legal issue and want counsel on what steps to take to protect yourself and your business. We can help. Call 386-271-4740, or connect via our website contact email.