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Special Circumstances That Make Creating an Estate Plan Important

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Estate Planning, Podcast

On the October 5, 2020 edition of Focus on Elder Law, Sherri discusses some special circumstances that make an otherwise simple estate more complicated.

If you have any of the following you will want to listen to this!

  • Complex Family Situations
    • Blended families
    • Raising extended family
    • Family with custody or guardianship but who aren’t legally children
    • Family members that don’t get along can lead to expensive legal battles
    • Uneven distribution of assets to beneficiaries without written cause can lead to expensive legal battles
  • Substantial Lifetime Gifts to 1 or more of your Beneficiaries
    • These must be in writing or they won’t be taken into consideration as part of the estate
  • Friends or Organizations that you want to inherit some of your assets that state guidelines won’t take into consideration
    • Non-family is not considered by the state as an eligible beneficiary and can be left out if not specifically included in the Estate Plan
  • Problem or Unusual Assets

While no one likes to think about what will happen when they die, having an Estate Plan can give you the peace of mind that your wishes will be honored after your passing. Special life circumstances are more and more common these days and they require careful wording in the Estate Plan. The advice and guidance of an experienced attorney can help ensure that your assets get divided the way you intended.

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