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Can you include letters to your family in your estate plan?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Estate Planning

When you create an estate plan, you make decisions that affect all your loved ones. Estate planning addresses the legal issues surrounding your death. These include how your debts are addressed, how your property is distributed, how your business continues to function and many other concerns

To most residents of Volusia County, Florida, estate planning is an impersonal endeavor. Many of these people yearn for a way to make their final wishes and thoughts more personal.

Adding personal letters to your estate plan

Estate planning involves the creation and execution of many legal documents. When created properly, they protect your assets and your family. If you want to include a personal touch, you might consider adding a letter addressing all your loved ones or individual letters to each family member.

Although not legally binding, letters often help your family avoid estate disputes. For example, if you leave an unequal share of assets to your kids, a letter can explain your reasons for making this decision. When your loved ones understand why they did not receive an equal share (perhaps you left gifts instead of large cash bequests), they are less likely to challenge your will.

Adding a letter of instruction (or intent)

A letter of intent clarifies or expands on the details in your final will. If you like, you can impart financial or perhaps business advice to your loved ones in this type of letter. You can also use it to tell your family your funeral and burial wishes.

As you can see, estate planning does not have to be impersonal. In most cases, bereaved family members are touched by your efforts and typically comply with your final wishes. Learning more about Florida estate planning can give you additional insight into protecting your family from will disputes. It is wise to seek legal guidance when including letters so as not to contradict the contents of your will.